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We would like to introduce our unique product


in an original installment

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Modular acoustic panels


in harmony with nature

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A unique system


for any interior

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Acoustic panels
eho muteboards

Acoustic panels made entirely of wood

Our wall system is made of oak or beech. Four gradations of the natural color of wood easily fit into any space.

Exceptional design of 3d panels

Respite for the ears and eyes. The original form is a compromise between functionality and aesthetics.

Easy assembly of the wall system

The patented assembly method based on a system of steel bent profiles is easy to assemble.


Muteboards Product's Card


Installation of Acoustic Panels


Interior Acoustic Standard


Acoustic research report

The possibilities of our acoustic panels

Room acoustics matter!

Eliminate the unwanted reverberation caused by bouncing the sound from the walls. Use professional acoustic panels which specially designed shape will help absorb or dissipate the sound. Soundproofing panels can be used in any space - by arranging a mini home cinema, own recording studio and designing an office. It all depends on your creativity and the acoustic needs of the room. Sound absorbing panels offered by us are made of wood, thanks to this they are an ecological product, safe for allergy sufferers and created in harmony with nature.

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Unique design

The design and functionality of the EHO panels fits perfectly into any room, giving it an additional style and warming the interior.

The use of the spatial form of EHO decorative panels stimulates the reception of the form with many senses. Three-dimensional structure, texture, natural color and acoustic properties contribute to improving the design of the expirience, which affects the comfort of the room in which the panel is installed.

Application of 3d piles

In large-area rooms, the use of 3d panels will improve audibility, improve communication and reduce reverberation. The solution will contribute to the comfort of work and, as a result, to better performance of your employees.

EHO panels have been designed in line with the latest global trends. The spatial form of the panel reflects light depending on its angle of incidence giving different levels of color saturation. It has been scientifically proven that such a treatment has a beneficial effect on the psychological comfort of a person staying in this type of room.

Installation of acoustic panels

Decorative forms EHO is a modular structure. The basic unit is four panels, three vertical profiles and assembly elements. The module has dimensions 2m x 2m. As you can see, you do not have to build the entire wall to achieve the desired results. All you need is a part to enjoy the improvement of acoustics and the original visual effect. The assembly itself is very porous - you can install them yourself or use the help of a certified partner of IKA-BUD.

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Our acoustic panels are made of wood from a certified source (FSC®). The abbreviation FSC®. Forest Stewardship Council® means that wood comes from sustainably managed forests. This is a cultivation method defined by 10 different categories recorded on 37...

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Are you interested in our product? Do you have more questions about acoustic panels? We invite you to contact us. We will answer all your questions and advise you in choosing a wall system. We are available for you from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to...

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Get acquainted with the technical specifications of the offered EHO panels. Here you will find a description of the materials from which the modules are made, acoustic test reports, rules of correct installation and advice on cleaning and care of EHO...

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