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3D wall panels

3D wall panels are an element of equipment, which is becoming more and more common in offices and flats. They allow to give a very unique character to every interior.

3D wall panels are used for original and modern decoration of room walls. These panels have long been used in very different forms. However, most often they have a repeatable pattern, which shows all its beauty when it is combined with many similar panels on the wall.

3D wall panels allow you to apply ingenious solutions that will bring freshness and original style to your interior. Thanks to their help you will create a composition that will add dignity and individuality to your interior, and will make you feel special in it.

3d wall panel

You often hear that the wall must be hard, cold and straight. We propose to reverse the concept. Modern walls do not have to be hard, cold or straight. 3D wall panels will give your interior a wonderful look and additionally soundproof the room. 3D wall panels are very easy to install and clean. Although they have irregular shapes, they fit together perfectly, and one of their greatest advantages is excellent sound absorption.

For all lovers of original and original solutions, three-dimensional panels are a hit.

3D wall panels are mostly made of high quality gypsum, which is additionally reinforced with glass fibre. They can also be made of wood. Thanks to such treatments, the panels are very durable, and at the same time natural and ecological at the same time. The strength of such panels can be compared with plaster or gypsum plaster. And what about the effect? The effect is surprising, unique and very original. 3D wall panels are sold in white or natural wood. However, their surface is prepared in such a way that they can be painted with any wall paint.

3D wall panels can be combined to create an original pattern on the entire wall or part of it. This is an ideal idea when you want to avoid monotony. The panels will look great in white, emphasizing a different structure of the wall and in a strong expressive and contrasting color. Depending on the character of the interior, the effect will be really surprising.

Three-dimensional panels can create original compositions. They can be arranged in a selected pattern or you can create your own. Each design will surely attract the eye and emphasize the depth. In addition, the structure of such a wall can be accented with appropriately selected light and then we will achieve an almost futuristic effect.