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Installing eho panels - 4 easy steps

EHØ panels are very light and pleasant to install. Each purchaser can easily fix them on their own in the chosen place in the room. The patented, original assembly method uses bent steel profiles with special perforation. The style is conducive to easy adjustment of the position of the panels. However, if you are short of time, tools or you prefer to trust professionals, EHØ recommends its certified partner - the company IKA-BUD.

Installation of acoustic panels in 4 simple steps

Below you will find a quick tutorial on how to install the panels yourself.

steel profiles

1. using 10 mm diameter anchor bolts, we fix the steel profiles to the surface, on which the whole structure will be supported.

2. the transverse profiles necessary for the installation of EHØ panels are placed in specially prepared cut-outs located in vertical profiles.

panels, assembly

The steel handles are screwed onto the designated areas with wood screws.

Mounting on a horizontal profile

On the horizontal profile we mount the panel with previously screwed handles. There is no possibility of confusion because the cut-outs in the profile are prepared in such a way as to fit the whole structure perfectly.