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Professional and at a good price - we choose acoustic panels

Room acoustics is an important parameter. We select professional acoustic panels to improve sound quality.

Professional acoustic panels

Sound quality is not only important for professional recordings. The reverberation, which is caused by the reflection of sounds from the walls, can interfere with the recording studio, but also with the home cinema room. Thanks to good acoustic panels, this problem can easily be solved.

On the market we will find a large selection of this type of panels, which differ in shape and function. Depending on the shape and material, the panels can be used to dissipate or absorb sound.

Soundproof barrier

Some people use cardboard stampings for eggs to provide acoustics in the room. Contrary to popular belief, such a solution is not very effective. The egg stamps are made of cardboard which does not have the appropriate properties because it is too light. In addition, a shape full of cavities can be counterproductive and distort sound waves.

Absorbent acoustic panels may indeed look like egg containers, but they are made of a completely different material, which has the necessary parameters. Usually, mineral wool is used for the production of such elements. It is inexpensive, effective, provides additional thermal insulation and is fireproof. Such panels will absorb a lot of bass sound, reducing the rumbling sound and thus greatly improve the acoustics in the recording studio.

acoustic diffuser panels

Acoustic diffuser panels

Shroeder diffuser is a diffuse acoustic panel whose function is to eliminate reverberation in the room. The reverberation is the gradual disappearance of sound after the source from which it was emitted has become silent. In some ways it resembles an echo, but it has a shorter reflection time. The high efficiency of this type of diffusers is the result of the work of Manfred R. Schroeder, the inventor of these panels, who developed an effective, extremely complex mathematical formula. The structure designed by him is made up of "posts" arranged at different depths. A big advantage of this solution is a large freedom of interior design. The use of panels gives very good results regardless of the angle of sound waves, so you can freely arrange the instruments without worrying about the acoustics of the interior.

Freestanding acoustic panels

Special portable acoustic panels can improve the acoustics directly around the microphone. They have a semicircular form and are mounted on a frame, which allows you to adjust the height and distance from the microphone. In this way you can easily adjust the panel and get the desired results. The fact that these products are made of high density foam ensures high efficiency.

Good room acoustics allows for clear sound during recording and music playback. Effective acoustic panels will be useful for professionals and amateurs, increasing the quality of their work.