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Acoustic panels: an idea for wall and ceiling decoration

Already when designing a house or a block of flats, one should think about appropriate acoustic insulation of individual rooms, i.e. their silencing. Architects designing modern buildings follow detailed guidelines in this respect. Unlike modern buildings, old blocks of flats and tenement houses are not properly insulated. In such situations, the only solution is to take advantage of innovative solutions. One of them is the use of acoustic panels. These products are available for ceiling and wall mounting.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are in the form of wall or ceiling cladding. Depending on demand. In order to produce them, materials are used which absorb sound and thus make the room quieter. This is achieved by applying a layer of plastic foams in the middle of the panels. The advantage of this type of panels is that they do not distort the sounds in the room where they are made. Thanks to this, they can be used not only in private flats, but also in rooms such as recording studios and conference rooms.

Acoustic panels and floor acoustic mats are used in public buildings, offices and recording studios. The market offer of panels is constantly growing, increasing by decorative products. Thanks to this it is possible to achieve not only the effect of silencing, but also decoration.

When are decorative acoustic panels useful?

Decorative acoustic panels are most often used in apartments in old buildings. In these places there are very often problems with excessive noise. Neighbours who talk loudly, listen to noisy music, or have a dog that's still getting lost, can be annoying. In order to protect the apartment against these sounds, a soundproof barrier can be created using acoustic panels.

acoustic panels Advantages

Installation of this type of panels is not complicated. It is made directly on the wall or plasterboard. We have a lot of patterns and colours to choose from. Each of them provides the noise protection that everyone cares about. In addition, installing them will make the sounds you listen to in your room much clearer and louder. Most importantly, they will be more audible to us and not to our neighbours. Acoustic panels can be mounted on walls or ceilings. In the second case, they will be an original alternative to the suspended ceiling.

Decorative acoustic panels

It is worth paying attention to decorative panels in 3D version. They are distinguished by quite complicated texture and richness of decorations. This combination results in a three-dimensional effect. 3D panels will add depth and spaciousness to any interior. In addition, they make the room look more dynamic, giving the surface an impression of movement. Acoustic 3D decorative panels are available in many colors and shades, which makes it possible to achieve a unique and unique effect. If you decide to decorate a wall of this kind, it is better to give up other decorations.

Decorative acoustic panels are also available, which can be painted by yourself. It is an ideal solution for those who like change. Giving a new colour to the walls or ceiling allows for a quick metamorphosis of the room, while maintaining the effect of depth. However, if we want a stylish interior finish, let's choose panels with an engraved pattern, which resemble images.