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Modular eho acoustic panel

Wooden acoustic panel - eho

Find out how a unique product made entirely of natural wood and a passion for design, simplicity and usability was created. The DeDe Furniture brand headquarters, visually pleasing to the eye, did not have a good soundproofing, giving reverberation and unpleasant noise to the ears. This is how the idea for the unique modular acoustic panels, which were supposed to bring a respite for the ears, as well as a feast in the visual perception was born.

The basic assumption of the creators was to escape from the ubiquitous use of glass and concrete. In accordance with nature, ecological wooden panels were created in the machine park to perfectly soundproof and decorate every room in which they will be placed. Easy installation is another advantage of the product offered by the company.

eho acoustic panel


TO-DO Product DESIGN, a duo of esteemed designers, provided support and care for the project: Katarzyna Jakubowska and Tomasz Orzechowski, who won the Red Dot (2013) and IF (2014) awards. The combination of passion and common sensitivity in visual perception has resulted in an amazing design of acoustic panels, which we can have in our own home or public facility at our disposal.

The panel is made of oak or beech wood, depending on the customer's preferences, available in four gradations of natural color using wood stain. 100% compliant with current acoustic standards for public utility rooms. This is the only solution on the market that solves the problem of soundproofing rooms and affects the senses.