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Design and silence in the office thanks to acoustic panels

Functionality is a feature that should be taken into account as one of the first in the process of designing a modern office. However, functionality is not at all identical with boredom or excessive simplicity of office space. On the contrary, it can go hand in hand with great, well-thought-out design and create a space that is pleasing to the eyes. Good architects place aesthetics on an equal footing with functionality and are able to combine these features very well.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are often used in offices today to reduce the spread of sound by using high quality sound absorbing materials. The presence of panels in the rooms significantly reduces the noise to the further parts of the office and thus greatly increases the comfort of work, especially in the case of professions where moments of silence and concentration on the tasks entrusted to employees are necessary.

You can't hide the fact that fragments of conversations, sounds of working equipment, various sounds connected with everyday office functioning, steps, radio music, etc. can be distracting or even annoying. In poorly soundproofed offices, employees are increasingly complaining about difficulties in fulfilling their duties and conditions there.

Wall acoustic panels

High stress in office work, associated with the lack of appropriate conditions and excessive noise, occurs particularly often in offices equipped with the so-called open space system, i.e. large spaces in which many people stay at once. Especially in such places, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the acoustic comfort of their employees, which can only work for good for everyone, because a satisfied and quiet employee achieves better results in their actions.

The acoustics of conference rooms, useful for example during meetings with customers, is also important. Glass, steel and concrete, which are often used in such places, are still fashionable (the so-called industrial style). Their proper use can give an interesting effect, but in excess they not only give the impression of a cold, unfriendly space, but also cause intense reflection of sounds. It is in such cases that the use of wall panels will significantly improve the functionality of the room, without taking away from the designer's vision.

How to soundproof walls?

Wooden acoustic panels

Until now, in the production of acoustic panels, rather uniformly coloured, straight surfaces that do not throw too much in the eyes have been preferred. Nowadays, it is already seen that panels can serve an additional decorative function. Manufacturers offer nature-inspired versions and slightly more abstract graphic designs. There is practically no thing whose image cannot be placed on the panel - it all depends solely on the vision of the entrepreneur, who wants to change the appearance and improve the functioning of his workplace with the use of panels.

Thanks to the unlimited choice of colours and patterns, office space can be an eye-catching and yet still fully functional place.